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Something deeper.....

In the willingness, just for a moment, to stop following the stories of the mind and take a deep dive within.........  your true nature is revealed.

What do you really want? 

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Julia Green is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, in Byron Bay, Australia. She offers private sessions online via Zoom or in person.

Using the therapeutic skills of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurolinguistics (NLP), and the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram of Character Fixation - deep lasting change is possible.

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About Julia

In 2004, I trained with Brandon Bays and became an Accredited Journey Practitioner. She guided my attention into the body to feel unexperienced emotions and I discovered a deep, vast and profound love. Something had shifted... and I knew there was more.

In 2010, it was my greatest luck to meet Gangaji, and Eli Jaxon-Bear a year later, and in a moment of grace, to receive the transmission of silence they pass on from their teacher Papaji, and from his teacher Ramana Maharshi.

To have recognised my true nature beyond the story of the mind is the most precious gift of a lifetime. In love and silence, life opens up and there is joy, clarity, peace, depth, space... 

Eli Jaxon-Bear is a true teacher, experienced clinical hypnotherapist and founder of the Leela School of Awakening. With Eli's profound blend of insight, the wisdom of the Enneagram, and the therapeutic skills of Ericksonian hypnosis and neurolinguistics - deep lasting change is possible. To see through the patterns of ego and stay true to your natural self.

I started training with the Leela School when it first began in Australia in 2016, and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist. I am also a mentor with the Leela School.

It is my great joy to meet and support you as a True Friend, with a quiet mind and an open heart.

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"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Support for...


Negative behaviours

Emotional trauma

Phobias and Fears

Negative self-beliefs



Relationship problems

and discovering something deeper beyond the stories of the mind...... true happiness and freedom

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I noticed right from the beginning of meeting Julia that I was able to be myself. She is very comfortable to be with and non-judgmental. Not only was it easy to be open and honest with her, I also felt heard. Julia has a caring, gentle and calm disposition and is competent and skilled in her approach. She has a natural ability for knowing when to ask the right questions and an ability to uncover issues in a safe and comfortable way. I trust Julia implicitly and am grateful for her support and guidance.

Josie, NZ

I have had several sessions with Julia and find her very intuitive, skilled and experienced. Julia really listens to me and what I want and asks very insightful questions which leaves me feeling deeply heard, held and 'seen'. With Julia it's always about me, what I want and need, without any preconceived agenda, without judgment, I can just be myself and be completely open. She has an amazing creative approach and fluidity to sessions, that leaves me in a place of understanding, resolve and quiet. Thanks Julia, it's been an amazing journey.

Roger, Australia

I feel so lucky for having had the chance to work with you, Julia. I love how welcome I felt in your presence. This was so important for me.... instantly putting me at ease. I love the way you effortlessly guided me through subconscious terrains at just the right pace for me. You skilfully lead me to long-buried experiences that have continued to colour and inform my current life experience. What a reclamation! With your guidance, I have unravelled knots of anguish and anxiety, that had become so normal to me, I barely recognised their existence. The entire process has been deeply freeing and such a sweet surprise. Thank you Julia.... just amazing!

Deborah, NZ

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If you have financial difficulties please inquire about a concession rate.

1 hour session AU $120

1.5 hour session AU $160


5 sessions for AU $540

10 sessions for AU $1000

Free 15 minute phone consultation for more information

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Sessions take place online via Zoom or in person.

To book a session email me at:

Ph: +61 411 573 222

Thanks for submitting!

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